Dallas County does a wonderful thing with its biological evidence: Dallas saves it. But what about all the other counties? Wouldn’t you think that they would follow Dallas’s lead and never discard biological evidence? Well, the fact is, many lawmakers and citizens agree that new state measures are needed to guard crucial evidence for possible future testing. So why don’t they? Sadly, a lot of the hesitance comes down to money. In fact, it is estimated that the primary testing lab in Dallas costs $5 million per year. Where does the money go? Well, storage is costly. Testing and maintenance are costly. And with every new piece of saved evidence also comes the need to increase warehouse space.

It’s expensive. But how much do you think justice and human life are worth? How much do you think it’s worth to protect the innocent and to take the truly guilty off the streets? Perhaps before DNA testing it didn’t make any sense to save biological evidence. But now it does. And if we can’t afford to test the available DNA evidence in all cases, can’t we at least keep it for a later date? The TESTED men sure think so!

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