Remembering Troy Davis

Troy Davis should not have been executed yesterday, September 22nd, in fact he shouldn’t have been executed, period.

We believe that when matters of life and death are at hand, it matters, to the highest extent possible, not whether innocence can be proved beyond a measure of a doubt but whether guilt can be proved beyond a measure of doubt. Troy Davis’ guilt could not be proved 100% and so, he should not have been executed.

Without DNA evidence, without a lie detection, with nothing to rely on besides ever-faulty eye witness identification, why was Davis executed? Even more, when 7 out of the 9 eyewitnesses recanted and one of the witnesses could have very well been the actual perpetrator, why was Davis executed?

We think it must come down to the morals of this country and what we really think is
right versus wrong and what we value. Yesterday the Supreme Court showed that they value toughness and decisiveness over truth and even over the individual man named Troy who very well could have been innocent.

We grieve for Troy’s loss and also for the state of the judicial system where tough overpowers truth and justice.

As a country we think it is time to take a stand. Let’s no longer support politicians with their misplaced agendas and let’s continue the fight for real justice, real truth, real innocent men and women being allowed to live lives of freedom. Let us not forget what Troy taught us: innocence needs to be fought for, each and every day.

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